How do I create an exercise?

  1. go on the homepage to sign tool (left column)
  2. in the open screen on add drawing
  3. now select a field: whole field, half field, 23-room field metergebiedof
  4. Drag the icons to create your drawing in the field
  5. use the trash can to delete icons; Click Opslaanom regularly saving the changes
  6. When you're done, click close; the drawing is saved and closed
  7. fill in the title of the oefeningin at the top of the light blue face
  8. Enter the text in the different invoervakkenin: aim (of exercise), organization, practice, instructions, print version; the text of the print version is often a summary and must be entered in a separate box; This is of course also possible via copy-paste
  9. click Private to keep visible the drawing just yourself or click Club to the exercise with the trainers to share from your club
  10. now there is only going to be filtered, easy to find again the drill straight away; to filter by topic, ages Level; Click on the topics etc. that apply for that exercise; that there may be more than one
  11. Save the exercise by clicking on save Exercise (top right)
  12. to access and modify the drill again, click on the pencil icon at the top right.
Training Exercises

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How to set the filters (age, level) of your exercise?

Apart from the same question as Bert above, how can I easily find my own exercises? I thought: selecting "my exercises" in the exercises 'shared'tab would do the trick, but not.