Here you can find an overview of all your periodizations. In your periodization plan all your training for a hockey season.

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  • At the top right you will find the button; Periodization Add. Here you can make your periodization.
  • Choose whether your the periodization for private or your club. If you choose you can club the trainings share with your users.
  • In the blue bar you can give any name to your periodization.
  • Enter the number of periods you want to have in your periodization. In the THF periodization we have 5 periods with different themes.
  • Please indicate from how many weeks a period. The THF periodization has 8 weeks per period.
  • Specify how often there is trained. Most associations training 2 x a week.
  • Press the button Save Periodization.
  • Press the button back to list. The new periodization is at the bottom of the list. View Is the button to go to the overview of the periodization.


Via this button it is possible to link your periodization to the agenda.

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Start date enter the start date of the hockey season in and then press save (bottom right).

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Through this button you can edit your periodization schedule per training and training time.

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At the first time you click on your appropriate age categories to periodization. This can be on the right side of the screen.

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This causes tabs by age group. This will give you the possibility to schedule your training by age group in your periodization.

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