Drawing Tool extentions

Bert Frank 9 years ago in Improvement updated by THF Support (Support Team Leader) 9 years ago 3
1) To be able to tag any player number (i.e. 101) or name or position abbr. (i.e. BF, lf) to the 'player' symbols (both colors) used for both teams in the picture.
1b) Be able to save these tags for future (new exercises) and additional pictures (game tactics layouts). Very efficient for your own team. Also allow for 'blank' player symbols.
1c) Be able to save more sets of team players.
3) Have each line type available in 2 colors (easy recognition of who is going where for each team).
What do you think about this? Thank you in advance.
Regards, Bert Frank
Hi Bert,

Some of your request are technically quite difficult to implement (in the short term) - 1), 1b). Some might make the tool and resulting pictures less clear (lot of different symbols, colors, signs). We want to keep it lean and clear. But we are looking into a new version of the drawing tool this summer and are we are reviewing new features like simple/advanced modes, multiple snapshots 1c (which may be converted to animation in the long term), editable tags with player symbols 1/1b, etc. I'll rewrite your post in the upcoming period and put it on the forum for voting on the suggested features.

With kind regards,
Christiaan von Geldern
THF Support